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How To Stop Your Rug From Sliding

Floor mats add a touch of class to the home, but they can also be dangerous if they shift when you step on them. A shifty rug is especially dangerous when children are involved or in high traffic areas such as the kitchen. So, how do you keep your rug safely on the ground or do you get rid of the rug altogether? There are various methods to ensure that your rug stays in place.

Right measurements

Take the measurements of the width and length of your rug before buying a piece of furniture that will sit on it. Rest the furniture on the rug to hold it in place in all corners. If your apartment has hardwood or laminate floors, take extra caution as these floors are often slippery due to the coat of varnish.

Anti-slip Rug

The anti-slip mat or rubber grip underlay is suitable for hardwood floors. This rubber underlay has holes in it to allow air circulation which in turn prevents moisture under the rug. Place your carpet on the anti-slip mat and hold it in place by spot gluing the edges of the mat.

Double sided tape

If you put a rug in a high traffic area such as a hallway, use double sided tape to hold it firmly together. Pay attention to the edges and corners and add a little more tape if necessary. Bulges in the middle section are just as dangerous as turned-up edges. Run your hand over the carpet to straighten out any bumps in the middle section.

Anti-skid rubber spray

This method is useful in holding the mat together without the need for extra layers of underlay. Spray the back of your carpet with aerosol spray. The initial application of this spray leaves some marks on your floor, but you can wipe this off easily. You will notice that light rugs do not stay attached to the floor as heavy mats would, but once you apply weight to them, they do not move.

Rubber coated shelf liner

Take a piece of rubber coated shelf liner and cut the exact measurements of your rug. Place it underneath the shifty rug to hold it firmly to the ground.

Rug pads

Rug pads are another alternative to keep your carpet to the floor.


As detailed above, there are several ways of keeping your mat firm on the ground without shifting when people step on it. When selecting a carpet for your home, the back of the rug is just as important as the front. Run your palm over the back surface to gauge the ability of the mat to hold on to your type of floor. If you are not sure, ask the store attendant for advice on how to pick the best carpet.