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How to Clean Your Rug

Carpets enhance the beauty of a home giving it a sophisticated and plush outlook. While keeping a squeaky clean home is every home maker’s dream, children and pets roaming around the home can wreck havoc. Your mug of coffee can take a tumble and drain its content into your Oriental rug. Do you discard your rug or ignore the stain? In this article, we discuss various ways of removing stubborn stains such as chewing gum and candle wax.

Wet vs dry cleaning methods

Wet cleaning a rug involves using water steam then allowing for significant drying period. On the other hand, dry cleaning a carpet requires running a vacuum cleaner on your mat to soak up the dust and other particles. Dry treatment is popular in the home as you can step on the carpet immediately after.

Hiring cleaning company

If you choose to hire a cleaning company for deep cleaning in Spring, consider the following factors:

  • Cleaning agents – find out if their cleaning agents are environmentally friendly or not. Chemicals used in steam cleaning are harmful to your health, and they may trigger skin irritations or asthmatic reactions.
  • Costs – in most cases, the cost indicated on the website will be a base fee that does not cover everything you imagined. Find out what the charges include and what they do not include. For instance, will they clean the stairs as well?
  • Background checks – inviting a group of people to clean your home can pose a set of challenges. You need to be sure that the hired help will remain in the designated areas and will not attempt to steal from you. More importantly, you want your children to be safe from social misfits.

If you choose to do the cleaning yourself, there are simple steps that you can take on a regular basis to maintain the integrity of your carpet.

  1. Shake your carpet every so often in your backyard and away from children. Wear a protective mask when you do this to avoid inhaling dust. Rotate your carpets bi-annually especially rugs placed in high traffic areas like the hallway.
  2. Clean spills right away by blotting the affected area with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the rug as it may cause fraying and spread the stain even further.
  3. After drying the carpet, roll up the rug with the pattern facing in and store it in a ventilated space. If you plan to keep the carpet for long, wrap it in a breathable cloth and lock it in a dry place.

Removing candle wax

  1. Put a damp cloth on the wax stain and run a steam iron over it to soften the wax. Use the piece of cloth to blot the wax and repeat the process until all the wax comes off. Take caution not to damage the carpet with excessive heat.
  2. Apply grease or other non-volatile dry solvent to remove persistent traces of candle wax and blot with a piece of cloth.
  3. Use an alkaline cleaning solution to remove the spotting agent from the rug. Use a spray bottle to apply the alkaline agent and avoid over-wetting the mat.
  4. Inspect the affected area for dye colour from the candle wax. Use a reducing bleach to remove such coloured stains. Gently run a steam iron over the affected area to speed up the process.
  5. Rinse the reducing agent and dry the carpet well.

Removing chewing gum

  • Apply oil on the gum stuck on the carpet with a cloth and rub gently. Keep adding oil until the gum is completely saturated.
  • Gently scrape the glue off using a butter knife. Scrape the chewing gum in one direction to avoid damaging the carpet’s fibre. Wipe off the stain from the knife to avoid reapplying.
  • Wash the affected area with dish soap to remove traces of the oil. Dilute a few drops of dish soap with half a cup of water in a bowl and start rubbing the rug. Repeat the process until there are no more traces of oil.

Removing spills and stains

  • Apply a spot of shaving cream on the wine stain using an old shaving brush.
  • Allow the mixture to settle.
  • Take a damp piece of cloth and wipe the shaving cream.
  • You can also use alternative cleaning agents found in the house such as flour and white vinegar.


Rug cleaning helps to maintain your carpet at all times. Ensure that you have a steady water supply and buy a vacuum with a long power cord, so you do not have to drag the vacuum when cleaning the stairs.