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Great Tips to Maintaining Your Rug

Having a beautiful set of rugs grace your home exudes sophistication and a sense of class. Owning rugs comes with an added responsibility of frequent rug maintenance to preserve the integrity of your carpets. Unkempt carpets end up at a yard sale, and this is hardly the picture you had in mind when you painstakingly shopped for an elegant rug. Here are some great tips to keep your carpets intact ready for the next generation.

Dry cleaning

Check the back of your carpet to see the manufacturer’s instructions on whether you can dry clean it or not. Follow the stipulated procedures concerning the amount of heat required and how often you should dry clean the rug. If you take your mat to a commercial dry cleaner, check to see if they use environmentally friendly agents. Harsh cleaning agents tend to cause irritation of the skin and can even trigger respiratory allergies such as asthma.

Cleaning after pets

Family pets are a great addition to the home, but they can also be a menace when to let to roam free. Be on the lookout for pet-related messes such as urine, poop and even knocking over your cup of coffee. Brush your carpet thoroughly with a stiff cloth or utility brush to remove fur. If your new puppy pees on the carpet, grab some commercial enzymatic cleaner to remove the stain. While cleaning after your puppy is the logical thing to do, everyday messes likely to affect the quality of your carpet. Consider establishing boundaries through crate training your puppy. This way, the dog has a designated area where they eat, sleep and hang out.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuuming is the most traditional method of taking care of your carpets and rug maintenance. Most people clean their mats as part of the daily household chores while others do so on a weekly basis. The frequency of vacuuming depends on the type of rug and the foot traffic in your home. For instance, the rug in your hallway needs more cleaning than the mat in your bedroom. Lay a piece of nylon screen on the mat then run the vacuum back and forth until the mat is clean. The screen protects your carpet from heat emanating from the vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you can tie a nylon mesh over the vacuum and change it each time dirt accumulates.

vacum cleaning rugs

Small rugs

Typically, you will find these rugs at the front and back door to soak up dust from shoes. Cleaning these rugs is relatively straightforward; shake them well outside until most of the dust falls off. If the carpet is damp, air it on the hanging lines for a few hours. Since these rugs are small, you can throw them in the washer along with sneakers or other footwear.

Drying rugs

If the weather temperatures allow, you can opt to dry your carpet in the sun for a day or two. While it is standard practice to see people air dry their carpets on the cloth lines, this leads to distortion of the rug. Instead, set up a flat or slanted drying rack and place your carpet on it. Alternatively, you can line a kitchen table with old sheets then put the mat on top to dry.


Taking care of your carpet comes with the territory of having these amazing textiles beautify your home. Clean your mats regularly to maintain their appearance and be careful not to destroy their texture.