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How to Choose a Rug

Rugs are a great addition to your home serving as decorative and functional purposes. It is important to buy the right type of rug to fit your space and taste preferences. If you are in the market for a new carpet, here are few tips that will guide you in the selection process. Material Manufacturers use different types of materials to make rugs. Sometimes, the choice of the fibre depends on the background of the […]

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rug cleaning

How to Clean Your Rug

Carpets enhance the beauty of a home giving it a sophisticated and plush outlook. While keeping a squeaky clean home is every home maker’s dream, children and pets roaming around the home can wreck havoc. Your mug of coffee can take a tumble and drain its content into your Oriental rug. Do you discard your rug or ignore the stain? In this article, we discuss various ways of removing stubborn stains such as chewing gum […]

How To Stop Your Rug From Sliding

Floor mats add a touch of class to the home, but they can also be dangerous if they shift when you step on them. A shifty rug is especially dangerous when children are involved or in high traffic areas such as the kitchen. So, how do you keep your rug safely on the ground or do you get rid of the rug altogether? There are various methods to ensure that your rug stays in place. […]

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Woven Kelim

What are Kilim Rugs

The term “kilim” symbolizes a pileless textile produced through several flat weaving techniques with a heritage from the Taurus Mountains in the northern part of Iran. The art of the kilim spread through other regions of the rug belt. Kilim rugs bear a name similar to their native areas, such as Keles, Sarkoy, Bergama, and Yunchu. Kilim rug vs. Oriental rugs Most people classify this rug among the broad range of oriental rugs, but the […]

Great Tips to Maintaining Your Rug

Having a beautiful set of rugs grace your home exudes sophistication and a sense of class. Owning rugs comes with an added responsibility of frequent rug maintenance to preserve the integrity of your carpets. Unkempt carpets end up at a yard sale, and this is hardly the picture you had in mind when you painstakingly shopped for an elegant rug. Here are some great tips to keep your carpets intact ready for the next generation. […]

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