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The Art of European Carpets

The textile market has numerous carpet designs from all over the world. In this article, we focus on traditional rugs made in old Europe, and more specifically, in France, Russia, and Sweden. Aubusson carpets Although the origin of Aubusson rugs is shrouded in mystery, the most interesting fact about these traditional european rugs is that weavers still make them by hand in a small village outside Paris. Development of these rugs connects to the Italian […]

European Rugs

Classic Oriental Rugs

The carpets and rugs of the Orient

Oriental rugs are a diversified range of carpets that boast of unique designs and patterns that reference their area of origin. In this article, we look at some of the most common oriental rugs that grace the textile market today. Afghan rugs As the name suggests, the Afghan rug originated from Afghanistan woven by tribal weavers in the country and Afghan refugees seeking asylum in the neighbouring Pakistan. Afghan rugs have a high standing, and […]

Things to know when choosing a Persian rug

As the name suggests, Persian rugs come from Persia was better known as Iran in the modern day. The art of woven fabric is core to the culture of Iran from generations dating back over two thousand years. As history goes, a ruler by the name of Cyrus introduced carpet weaving in Iran during his reign in 529 B.C. People of different tribes made rugs in regional centres such as Tabriz, Kerman, and Nain. Each […]

Traditional Persian Rug

Persian Wool Rugs

Discovering Traditional Rugs and Carpets

Pazyryk carpet Different theories attempt to explain the history of carpets. As more cultures across the world engaged in carpet making, it became harder to find the origin as carpets and rugs are prone to deterioration over time. Historical sources credit the source of carpets and rugs to the Middle Eastern region back in the second and third century B.C. Others believe that carpets date as far back as the 5th century B.C., as evidenced […]